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In octavo. 1881.

Here is the classic work in the matter of Freemasonry, the one in which all later writers came to draw documents as from the most abundant and surest source. The subject he treats is of such importance that the author has contributed during twenty years of study such precious treasures of erudition and insightful investigation, that the work, in spite of its material imperfections, has struck the attention of all competent judges.

The author studies in turn Illuminism, Martinism, Freemasonry, Carbonarism and proves that a common idea brings together all these systems, namely the hatred of Christian spiritualism and the worship of nature or matter. . It is in the writings of the main initiates that he draws his proofs: it is the Weishaupts, the Voltaires, the Saint-Martins, the Cagliostros, the Clavels, the Ragons, the Louis Blancs who provide the documents by means of which he discovers the real purpose of secret societies, through phantasmagoria calculated to deceive the weak, the foolish and the proud.

Secret Societies and Society - N.Deschamps.

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