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FreeMasonry is the way of initiation for occident. If enter Masonry stays very easy, to access to the mysteries of life and to secrets for your Being, here is a very high difficult who have only this solution : working seriously the masonic symbolic way. Nothing is easy. All things hve a price to pay ! Your price ? Your work in Masonry and your action in society.

Christian GUIGUE invites you on a journey to discover :
The Work of a Jr Warden, How to Make his Paper, The Plumb Line, The Perpendicular, The Chain of Union, The Mallet and the Cisel, The Rough Ashlar, The Silence, Enter the Silence, The Number of the Degree, To Overcome one's Passions, The Metals, The Rule, The Broken Column, Tubalcain, The mirror, The Wisdom, The Virtue of Justice.


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WORKING FREEMASONRY : The Entered Apprentice

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