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Would you like advice or an opinion on the practice of your rite in your workshop or on a problem you are encountering?


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Do you send books abroad?


YES, shipments are made all over the world but the shipping costs are unfortunately very high by priority plane outside Europe.



Manufacturing defect


If a book has a manufacturing defect (book printed twice, book bound upside down), it will be replaced as soon as possible.



Late delivery


Our books are leaving as soon as possible. If you have not received your order within 7 days of placing your order, in France, contact us as soon as possible.



Do not place an order if you are going on vacation in the following days. It will likely arrive after you leave and be returned to us: returns take approximately 4 weeks to get back to us


Need a book urgently?


If you are not close to a physical point of sale,order their express shipping costs are unbeatable and if you have opted for the Premium service, the shipping will cost you nothing.


Is it possible to have a dedication?


YES, of course, on special request made by email. on this page in the red frameAsk your question.



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Tel: 03 20 04 86 05 (leave a message)

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