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Christian GUIGUE begins to sell his collection of personal books. Now it must benefit others.


Chamuel. Paris. 1894. in octavo. 334 pages. Modern brown half shagreen binding. Repairs to the last 3 leaves. Ex libris Library Christian GUIGUE.

Eliphas Levi. The Book of Splendors.

  • Studies on the origins of Kabbalah. Contains: Judaic Sun, Christian Glory, Blazing Star.

  • Éliphas Lévi, born Alphonse-Louis Constant on February 8, 1810 in Paris, where he died on May 31, 1875, was a French clergyman and a great figure in occultism.

    Studies on the origins of Kabbalah with research on the mysteries of Freemasonry supplemented by the profession of faith and elements of Kabbalah.


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