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2 paperback volumes. Volume 1: from 4 to 14th degree. Volume 2: from 19 to 32 degrees. French edition finally available.

Collection sold only on this site. Not commercially available.


Special Lodge Price: €75.00 instead of €91

High ranks & AASR: Albert PIKE. Morals & Dogma

  • Albert PIKE was an exceptional Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. Scout, trapper, southern general: he fought against the northerners during the Civil War, essayist, poet, journalist, teacher, musicologist, lawyer, his life was exceptional including in Masonry where, even today, he is considered with accuracy as an extraordinary mason who does a colossal job for the promotion of the AASR. His Supreme Council was, thanks to him, and still remains the most powerful in the world. He aroused much jealousy against him, he was accused (including masons) of all misdeeds; many people hoped for his death in all fraternity. We now know that certain documents created to harm him are forgeries. Justice ends sometimes, as here, by rendering to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, that is to say the truth.

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