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For all Templar Orders

   This book is intended for the training of Sergeants-at-Arms, Squires and Knights by providing them with what they all need to know in the spiritual context, knightly and templar. Valid for Novice Squires and Benevolent Knights.


The Sergeant-at-Arms, the Esquire, The Knight, Becoming a Knight, Sanctions, Beauty, The Values of Chivalry, Chapter Work, Work to be done on oneself, Beauty, Virtue, Religion, You are stone, Meditation, Instruction, the Numbers, Praise of the new chivalry by Saint Bernard, the beginnings of the Temple, the primitive Rule, The Masters of the Order, the Salve Regina, Instruction to advance in the interior life, the ancients Penalties, Disappearance of the Order, Lent and Easter for the Templars, Of the Master of the Order.


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