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Book for Novice Squires preparing to become CBCS.  They will find important material there to choose their weapons and currency, to build their file by answering the Questions of Order,  for their Profession of faith , etc.

 SUMMARY: Considerations on this grade. character of the candidates. The work of the Novice. The file to be compiled for its armament. The choice of name. The choice of currency. State of mind. The board. The profession of faith. Questions of Order. Choose your coat of arms (heraldic arms). The Symbolism of Birds. The Pelican. The Phoenix. The Squire in the Middle Ages. The structure of the RER. Warning for those who go astray. The Code of Chivalry. A Novice Squire Ritual. List of Latinized given names. ESSENTIAL for all FF. of the Rectified.

This book is just as important for the Squires of the Templar Orders who must meet the same requirements.

   Available at the best bookstores and on Amazon.


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