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Advice for the 2nd Srvt who must train and needs a serious subject to instruct his young Apprentices. Chapters on all subjects of the 1st degree. Additional material provided by extracts from rituals and quotations from other initiatory traditions, which widens the possibilities for reflection and work.

Summary: From the 2nd Warden, The Rough Stone, the Plumb Line, the Perpendicular, the number 3, the Age of Grade, Silence, Entering Silence, The Chain of Union, The Rope, Justice, Adhuc Stat, Justice, Clemency, Column J, Table of the rank, Travels, The Maillert and the Chisel, Metals, Beauty, Overcoming your passions, The Rule, The Mirror, Tubalcain, Travels and maxims (RER), etc. . TheMAIL section(questions and answers) completes this important documentation.

  To order from your bookseller or IC I. Advantage: the book will be autographed and a gift attached.

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