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For the VM who must comment on the Works of the 2nd degree.

For Srvts who need to train and need material to animate the instruction sessions.

For the Messrs. who want to prepare before becoming Srvt.

For Companions who want to know what the rank covers and need material for their personal work.

Summary: The work of 1 Svt. Level. On the Level. The Rule. From North to South. The number 5. The Cubic Stone. The Pointed Cubic Stone. The veil. The mirror. Strength. The Trowel. The 2 globes. The Mason in the Temple. Glory at Work. Journeys of the Companion. Led obliquely. Temperence. Shibboleth. The Pentagram and the letter G, the Blazing Star, The Spiral Staircase. etc Rituals: REAA said of 1804. Reestablished French Modern Rite. Modern Rite said of the Marquis de Gages.

For ALL rituals.

To order from your bookseller or HERE from Christian Guigue who can dedicate it to you. A gift will be attached to the shipment.

The Boards of the Companion

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