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All lodges must have this ritual which is initiatory while responding to the ceremonial to be implemented for the departure of a Sister or a Brother. It is signed Christian GUIGUE, that is to say the quality of the content. The rituals he devised for the OST National Grand Priory favorably impress all their visitors.

    It does not require calling on reinforcements from other lodges to be able to work on it. You just have to provide it to the VM, the 2 Srvts, the MDC, the Speaker,  the Secretary, the Organist who need it to follow. here in digital file version.

Funeral Ritual (for all rites)

  • He isalready available as a digital filethatyou can download from this site immediatelyafter purchase.


    He is also available in brochure version. theset of 7 rituals(1 for the 7 officiants) at the price of:115 € - Shipping(Colissimo value €13.00)Free.


    Book now.

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